A few highlights from our peony blooms last month. This plant is a Mrs. FDR peony and it always produces over 30 buds.  Each stem has about 4 of 5 buds with the smaller ones blooming later into early July.Mrs FDR peony - 1   white peony - 1

My coral charm bloomed for the first time and was stunning!coral charm - 1

white peony - 1 (1)

white peony - 1 (2)

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June 30 Garden

It’s amazing what a few weeks of sun, heat, and finally some rain will do.  The garden is growing well.  We have our first peas, plenty of kale.  The tomatoes are blooming and peppers are about to as well.  I recently harvested all the garlic scapes and hilled the potatoes.

garden june 30 - 2

garden june 30 - 3 garden june 30 - 4  garden june 30 - 5

The chicks have moved permanently into the coop.  They have a safe space with their food in the dog cage that only they can get into.  They stay away from the bigger chickens as much as possible.

garden june 30 - 1

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Star Quilt

This was a recent gift for a baby shower.  I modified a block pattern our quilt group uses for comfort quilts and increased the block size to 12 inches.  Then I made 6 with blue scraps and 6 with green.  The star is in a light gray.

star quilt - 1

I machine quilted it with straight lines on the diagonal and it turned out OK.  At least I didn’t feel like I ruined the quilt top with the machine quilting like I sometimes do.

star quilt - 2

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2018 Garden & Chicks

2018garden - 1I finally planted squash seedlings, bean seeds and cucumbers this weekend to finish the planting of the garden.    2018 garden - 1 (4)

The garlic and potatoes are coming along well. We enjoyed a good season of asparagus and now are eating lettuce and other greens.2018 garden - 1 (3) Our chicks are over a month old.  They spend days outside in a crate on the grass.  We started them sleeping in the coop this weekend, but still in the crate to protect them from the larger chickens. This is my daughter’s favorite, named “Yoke.”

chickens 1 month - 1 (1)

And here is “Chipmunk” and “Princess of all Chickens”.  Not pictured are “Cardamom”, “Cloves” & “Licorice.”

chickens 1 month - 1

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Baby Chicks

We’ve added to our chicken flock twice since we got our first batch of chickens in 2011, but both times they were pullets or adult hens. Our little girls like to take care of the chickens and the last batch of pullets are not as tame as the others we’ve had. So this year we decided to add six chicks to our current flock of four.

Here they are, names are to be determined.

A Barred Rock

2018chicks - 2

A Black Sex Link

2018chicks - 3

A Black Australorp

2018chicks - 1 (1)

An Easter Egger

2018chicks - 1

A Buff Orpington

2018chicks- 5

A Dark Brahma

2018chicks - 6


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