Norwegian Sweater

I wanted to knit this Norwegian style sweater for myself, but before I tried the new-to-me technique of steeking (cutting into the sweater and then knitting up from there), I thought it would be better to knit something in a smaller size that used the technique.   The pattern I selected (Geilo Child by Dale of Norway) ended up becoming more complicated than I originally planned, but I’m happy with the results.  I knit the 2T size, and since it’s quite oversize now, there will likely be at least two or three winters of wear out of it. sweater 1 sweater4

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August Harvests

We’re happy to have the juliet and cherry tomatoes coming in and the large tomatoes just starting.  My garden helper sometimes picks the green ones instead of the orange or red.


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Harvest & July Update


We’ve been enjoying lots of yellow zucchini.  I gave away 3 before I took this photo.  I thought I planted 2 varieties of green zucchini, one patty pan and one yellow zucchini, but I seem to have 2 hills of yellow zucchini.  I guess my garden helper distracted me when I was planting the seeds.

We enjoyed the first new potatoes, the leeks and swiss chard in a quiche.  The next night we had beef stir fry with the zucchini and broccoli.

I’ve had two cherry tomatoes ripen already.  The tomatoes are doing very well this year after two miserable years so I’m really looking forward to good tomatoes in August.


We even have a few melons set.


My plastic mulch is working well.  There are so many fewer weeds and though we haven’t been heavy with rain, I’ve not needed to water since May.  The plants are looking great too.

garden 1 garden 2 garden 3Empty spot where I harvested the garlic this week.

garden 4 garden5

Of course the weeds got away from me in the lettuce row where I didn’t use the plastic mulch, and everything went to seed.  I’m working on pulling it out and getting it ready for fall planting.  It’s nice however, that I’ve only got one row of crab grass to deal with, not 11.

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New Chickens & Garden Update


Yesterday we added four new chickens to our flock.  They are 10 weeks old, 2 Easter Eggers & a silver-laced Wyandotte & a gold-laced Wyandotte.  While we have 5 other chickens, only one is laying regularly, and two others sporadically.  We’ll be glad when these girls start laying.

The garden is growing well with the rain we’ve had in June after a dry May. Squash plants are starting to take off, the broccoli, kale & cabbages are getting big.  We’ve had a few early strawberries.


First planting of peas didn’t germinate well, so the rest were started much later.   Corn is about a foot tall.  The lettuce row in the back is a bit out of control as the cold frame greens go to seed.  I’ll need to get in there soon and clear out and do another planting.Junegarden5

Pototoes have been hilled up.  I have melons under the hoop frame and sweet potato slips under the other row cover.Junegarden2

My early started tomatoes are blooming and setting fruit.  The later planting are starting to get more established.


Some peppers actually set fruit before I transplanted them out this year.  We may have some hot peppers soon.Junegarden1

So far I’m liking the results of my experiment with plastic mulch and straw in the paths.  Everything is growing well and seems to be much more weed-free.


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June 1 Garden

The last month and a half have found me busy in the garden. Since I didn’t clean up or fertilize in the fall, each row needed to be weeded, fertilized and have the path turned up to increase the bed. (I shovel the path onto the beds every other year since the soil settles.)
Here’s how it all looks today. I have one row left to prepare, in the back of the garden for cucumbers and some squash. Just this weekend we finished the first row for peppers but didn’t plant them since we’re now having temperatures around 50 as we get some much-needed rain. The peppers are back in the house for now.

I’ve made two big changes in the garden this year. First, I re-ordered my rows to bring the tomatoes more to the center of the garden in hopes they get more sun. Right now I have my first seeding of tomatoes planted, and the second set are back in the house until the temperatures recover.
Second, I’m using three varieties of plastic mulch. The crab grass has gotten so out of control the previous few years and so I’m hoping this will help suppress it and increase my ability to keep up with the garden. I’m also trying to start the season with straw in the paths to suppress weeds there. So far, the cabbage/kale/brussels sprouts row seems to be doing well with the white-on-black mulch. The peppers, squash & sweet potatoes are getting IRT plastic, and the tomatoes and corn just plain black plastic. I’ll still use straw around the potatoes, garlic & leeks.
We’ve been enjoying lettuce and other greens from the garden, alongside our asparagus & radishes and some of the early kale.

I’m hoping to finish planting the rest of my seedlings (peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, some winter squash, basil & flowers) later this week as the weather returns to normal temperatures.


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