Spring Greens

Sorrel, over-wintered leeks, asparagus & egg harvested last week

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Mid- April Garden

The snow is finally gone from garden beds and from the paths. There is lots of clean up to be done that wasn’t done last fall.

These seedlings are out on the deck hardening off. Hopefully the garden beds will be thawed and dry enough to prepare for these transplants in the next week.

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First Blooms

Our first crocuses appeared on Easter Sunday April 5th, but they stubbornly refused to open all last week as the weather was cold and gray. They weathered a couple of inches of ice and snow mid-week, and finally opened yesterday. Today more followed.



Our first blooms this year were almost as late as last year!
First bloom 2014: April 14
First bloom 2013: March 31
First bloom 2012: March 19
First bloom 2011: April 4

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Late-March Garden

Our garden is still snow covered, but we have green sprouts inside. I took advantage of the 30 degree temperatures and sun yesterday to work on pruning some of our fruit trees. This is where the 1-2 feet of compacted snow on the ground comes in handy, as I can just walk on the snow to do the pruning and it gives me a better angle. I hope to finish pruning the other trees today.

March Garden

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The Start of the Garden

Today my garden helper and I mixed seed-starting mix and water and filled three flats full of cells.  We started peppers, basil, leeks, shallots, lettuce & greens, brussels sprouts, cabbage & broccoli.
mixing dirt
Outside the snow is a deep blanket on the garden, yet spring is on it’s way. For the first time in months we have temperatures above freezing.  When we’re outside to check on the chickens, we hear the drip, drip, drip of the melting snow coming off the roof. When the garden thaws we’ll have some plants to put in!
seed starting

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