First Harvest

Spinach & Kale from the cold frame last week, and a few volunteer garlic shoots. Thank goodness for overwintered greens!

See other harvests at Daphne’s.

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First Blooms

Winter Aconite
winter aconite

This year is the latest date we’ve had for the first blooms. We look forward to many more to come!
First bloom 2013: March 31
First bloom 2012: March 19
First bloom 2011: April 4

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Outside there is over a foot of snow blanketing the garden.

Inside, spring has begun with seeds sown in hope of green things to come. I started seeds today, weeks later than I usually start. I put some sweet potatoes in soil to sprout. I also planted sweet & hot peppers, leeks & shallots, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts & swiss chard.

We also welcomed a new life into our house in early February when we welcomed baby girl A home from the hospital. She won’t be featured here on the blog, but she will be my gardening & crafting companion for many years to come.

The weather is supposed to turn colder again the next few days, but hopefully toward the end of the week the thawing will begin and we’ll see the beginnings of spring outside as well.

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I usually keep the ‘personal side’ more out of my blog. But these thoughts have been on my mind as I’ve had somewhat of a bloggers-block last year.

Sometimes the blog goes quiet because I’m busy and don’t have time to edit photos and post. I’m still being creative and gardening but those things are keeping me too busy.
Currant Sweet Rolls from early July
currant rolls
A new dress (Washi Dress) in August
Sometimes the blog goes quiet because I feel like I don’t have anything new to say about the garden. After four seasons of gardening on one place, I’m not changing much and don’t want to show the same photos over and over.
Spring Peas
Sometimes life is challenging and full of waiting, I’m dealing with illness, the garden is full of weeds and I don’t want to share. Sometimes the squash bugs eat all your pumpkin plants in early June and the whole row is full of grass until September.
The pumpkinless row
squash row

Sometimes it’s August and there is still half of the outside of the house to paint and you haven’t picked up a brush since the year before.
We decided to re-side this part rather than scrape and replace boards.
Sometimes the tomatoes ripen and you have a great crop of potatoes and you’re afraid to eat them, and your home-grown produce wastes away.
Part of the Potato Harvest
Sometimes you’re making pie for your Grandma as she approaches death’s door.
This past year held all those reasons for the blog being quieter than before. As the seed catalogs begin to arrive, I’m looking forward to a fresh start in the garden(and likely lots of crab grass to pull). It looks like tomatoes and potatoes are not my problem after all, but rather I need to avoid wheat and gluten containing foods. As I navigate ingredient lists at the grocery store and as I clean the gluten from my kitchen, I’m looking forward more than ever to the fresh food we can grow and enjoy.

For now, there is much to be thankful for. Difficult seasons do not last forever. I have family, love, community and faith. This season will continue to shape my courage, patience, persistence and empathy. A new year is coming. Hardy winter greens are planted in hope of spring harvests.
early November garden
garden november
And there is always kale.

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2013 Quilts & Finishes

Looking back at the quilts I made this past year, it doesn’t look like I made as many as in 2012, or 2011. I definitely made fewer wall hangings.
2013 quilts
Many of the quilts I finished this year are larger than in years past. There are two queens (11 Year Purple Quilt and Kathy’s Ohio Stars). I also made two custom quilts (orange chevron and Purple Chevron baby quilts). I made two lap quilts (Blue Irish Chain and Water & Sun) The few wall hangings I made were for my craft sales.

Working for other people has caused me to branch out in my colors. There is a lot more orange here than last year for sure!

I also realized, I’ve started a few hand piecing projects that will just take a while to finish, namely a paper pieced style hexagon quilt.

I’ve been distracted from quilting some by beginning to make some of my own clothing. Here are a few finishes, all of these are from Washi dress pattern. I’ve also made a couple of knit shirts and a knit skirt.
washi 1washi2
washi shirt

In 2014, I’d like to learn to use a serger, finish a baby quilt I started, make a knit shirt or two, finish at least one of my quilts in progress, finish two sweaters currently in progress, and finish a half-done casserole carrier.

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