Blue & White Medallion

This quilt began in the winter of 2016 with squares from the Splendid Sampler series.  I was planning on using the blue and white fabrics and making 48 of those 6″ blocks as a sampler lap quilt.  However, I found with the limited palette of these fabrics, it was hard to get some of the pattern designs to show.  blue and white - 2 (1)

So I took 9 blocks I’d sewn and made them the center and designed a medallion quilt around it.   The stars around the border are reduced from a pattern our local quilt group uses for charity quilts.  Four more sampler blocks ended up in the corners.

blue and white - 1 (1)

I finished hand quilting it in the summer of 2017 and entered it in the local fair.  It received a blue ribbon and a Judges Choice and white - 3 (1)

It is a belated wedding present for my brother-in-law and his and white - 5 (1)

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Tennessee Waltz


This Tennessee Waltz quilt was begun in 2013.  I intended it to be an anniversary present for my parents in 2014, but I finished the top, just before our daughter was born.  The quilt got set aside and other projects came and went.  I’d originally planned it with the large areas for quilting feathered circles.quilt7

But I found with little kids, that I don’t have the time for such detailed quilting.  I kept picking up the project and setting it aside, not sure how I was going to fill those spaces.  In the fall of 2017, I decided it was finally time to finish.  I quilted all the stars and four-patches and then came back to the open areas again.  I decided that I could come up with another design that was easier and do that in most of the open spaces.quit5




It measures 60 by 76 and I finally gave it as a gift to my parents for Christmas 2017.


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Pathfinder Vest

The patterns from Twig & Tale are so well written and flattering.  After making the Dragon coat, I made the Pathfinder vest for my second daughter.  I love that they encourage re-using/re-purposing. I’ve already made sweaters and shirts into dresses. For this vest I found a white wool blend sweater at a rummage sale, and shrunk it before cutting the pattern pieces for this vest.


The lining is left overs from a dress I made myself.vest1

My little girl doesn’t like hoods, so I went with the collar option.vest2I’ll be making more of these!

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Dragon Coat

My daughter requested a dragon costume for Halloween this year.  I found a very well done pattern for a pea coat with animal features here and made the dragon modifications.    She loves it and so do I.dragoncoat5

I used a woven purple flannel I had on hand with some fun upholstery scraps for the wings.


I went with bright green for the spikes and the lining.dragoncoat2

The large purple buttons were perfect, and we thought some sparkles would be fun too.dragoncoat4


There are even claws coming out of the pockets.dragoncoat3 She’ll be wearing it until Halloween and beyond!


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Summer Harvests

Summer is winding down, but here are a few of the harvests I managed to snap photos of this year.
harvest - 2

harvest - 1

This giant zucchini weighed over 8 lbs and took the 2nd prize ribbon in the biggest zucchini contest at our local fair in August.

zucchini - 1

Tomatoes have been late and slow to ripen. We may end up with many green ones ripening indoors.
harvest - 1 (1)

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